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JetPROP Owner Testimonials

Just Purchased! Pre-owned JetPROP Owner!

Just a quick note to let you know how totally pleased I was with my experience with JetPROP over the last few months. Lyn was my initial contact and he talked with me numerous times before I made the commitment to purchase N735RC. He answered every question with a smile in his voice. If he was getting tired of my barrage of questions he never let me know it. It was Lyn who suggested for me to do the combined inspection and training and that helped seal the deal. My week in Spokane was fantastic. I was impressed with the time and professionalism each of your team spent with me. Steve explained the systems in a way that a non-mechanical person like myself could understand. All the JetPROP personnel seemed to go out of their way to make me feel welcome. The flight training was nothing less than superb. Thank you for all your support!

Robert Schick
Robert Schick
Conversion #63

A Corporation using the JetPROP

Garco Construction acquired a pre-owned JetPROP in October 2006. Our mission is flying company personnel and cargo to job sites throughout the Northwest. Flight time from Spokane is usually about one hour to most of our locations which are in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The performance of our -21 JetPROP and its economy make it the perfect vehicle. A true airspeed of 250 ktas @ FL270 burning about 30 gal per hour keeps passengers and management content. We have flown about 700 hrs with the plane the last 2½ years. Support from JetPROP has been great. Bang for the buck, nothing can touch this aircraft.

Gary Perno
Gary Perno
Conversion #166

Ask Me How I Like My JetPROP

Well, since you didn’t ask I will tell you anyway. In mid-year 1999 I snapped a valve in the #1 cylinder on my 1987 Continental Malibu enroute to Nashville, TN. We landed without incident but I vowed after that experience that if I was going to stay in aviation I wanted to be flying a turbine powered aircraft. Before I gave JetPROP the airplane for the conversion, I had Skytech do their SX Interior and added a heated windshield to get rid of the hot plate. I picked up my JetPROP conversion in May of 2000. With the new interior and the new Pratt PT6-34 turboprop it was like a new airplane. Now, eight years later and at 2000 hours, I am only half way through the 4,000 hour TBO on the engine. My cost of operation, even with almost double the fuel burn per hour, has actually gone down. The faster airspeed has cut my average annual flying hours down by about 50. The maintenance cost has come way down. Between annuals all we do is a compressor wash on the engine at about 75 hours on the Hobbs. I have also found that I am not having avionics or airframe problems, which I attribute to the smooth operation of the four blades on the turbine. The increase in performance is the real plus. Climb rates are impressive and allow you to safely get up and out of weather quickly. The reliability of the turbine engine is very comforting. Although the investment was substantial it is well worth every penny. Yes, I do like my JetPROP!

Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson
Conversion #27

Let Me Tell You About My JetPROP

My JetPROP is an outstanding aircraft and performer. During march 2004, I had my 1998 Mirage converted to a JetPROP using the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-35 engine. I converted what was a good aircraft into what then became an exceptionally good aircraft. Overall performance was significantly improved, even better than promised. Operating from the Northeast, this JetPROP conversion now allows us the use of shorter runways and mountainous areas which we could not safely use before. Other than normal maintenance, it has been virtually trouble free. I know of no other aircraft that can match the overall performance and dependability, including the cost to own and operate. The JetPROP conversion for me, was not a purchase, but rather an investment. It is a pleasure to fly, and I am quite proud to own it.

Dick RogersDick Rogers
Conversion #135

Best Damn Airplane I’ve Ever Owned

Since 1984 I’ve owned and operated two Malibus and one Mirage over 15,000 hours. During that time I've had one Malibu and one Mirage converted to JetPROPs. Total time on the JetPROPs is over 5,000 hours. The decision to convert my aircraft to JetPROPs was the best owner/operators' choice I have ever made. Why? Performance, reliability, maintenance cost, safety and consumer accommodations from JetPROP. 1.The Malibu/Mirage with the JetPROP conversion will climb at 2500 ft/min and give a true airspeed of 260 knots regardless of load. 2. Reliability and safety concerns. I have had five dead stick landings with piston engine Malibu; None, never any engine problems with 5,000 hours in JetPROPs. Engine maintenance cost and down time for parts or for overhaul is less than 10% of the piston engine. If you fly as many hours as I do, the fuel savings from any other turbine aircraft per miles covered cannot be beat. And the rapid response and help from the whole staff at JetPROP is the best in the industry. PERIOD! The next airplane for me will be another JetPROP.

Charlie PowellCharlie Powell
Conversion #138

My Thoughts On My JetPROP

I started flying at 17, bought my first airplane at 32, and have bought and sold airplanes every six months since that first airplane. I have done this for two reasons. One is to invest and buy at the right price, and sell to constantly upgrade. The second reason was I was always in the search for the airplane that I would not or could not sell. The JetPROP is probably the only airplane I would not, could not, or should not sell. Believe me, I have looked very hard for a new airplane that could come close to 250 knots, pressurized, range of greater than 1000 nautical miles, carry six passengers in cabin class comfort all while burning 28 gallons/hr. My 1986 Pratt & Whitney dash 21 JetPROP is the thing that fits that bill. My commitment to this aircraft is such that I have added the following upgrades at a huge financial investment: a glass windshield, Garmin G600, Meridian style interior, Aspen Pilot Pro, new laser cut panel, and other upgrades too numerous to mention. With all these upgrades my total investment is still less than $1,000,000 dollars. I know of very few aircraft that can fly from Florida and land in St. Barths (must be specially trained to land at this French airport) and do it non-stop.

Don SaundersDon Saunders
Conversion #153

Christian Fellowship Church JetPROP

We, the Christian Fellowship Church, have used an airplane since 1973 which allows our Pastor to minister our many churches in the fellowship. We have flown a Cherokee Six, Piper Lance and Turbo Saratoga, all of which did a good job. We needed to expand our range, so we started looking around for a plane that would fill that need. In 2004 we found an airplane that would do the job. We purchased a pre-owned JetPROP conversion . It was a 1999 Piper Mirage with a PT6A-34 engine. The JetPROP is just what we needed. It flies higher, faster, farther and is very comfortable. We can now fly in almost any kind of weather and above most of it. It really met our needs. This past December 16th 2008, we took the JetPROP to the factory to have the annual done. While there, we talked to Darwin about upgrading to a PT6A-35, what was involved and what kind of performance to expect. He said the -35 would fly 10 to 15 knots faster, would have full power up thru 18,000 feet and burn less fuel overall. Darwin was right on all counts. It performs exactly as he said it would. While the JetPROP was there we also had the new oil cooler modification done. When we dropped the JetPROP off on the 16th we needed the annual, engine upgrade and modifications done by Jan 1, 2009. Well, they got everything done on time. In spite of the adverse weather conditions and Christmas holiday, they picked us up at Spokane International Airport on New Year's Day so we could get our JetPROP. Their service is outstanding.

Bob AllenBob Allen
Conversion #73